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Products & Services


We offer special commercial rates for businesses. We currently service manufacturing facilities, greenhouses, turkey barns, and retail stores. We offer propane dispending units for bottle filling. Please call Paul Hood directly at 417-849-0005 to discuss what we can do for you. 

Service Work

We do a variety of service work on tanks. Services we provide include: tank relocation, fixing and replacing gauges, running new propane line, repairing and replacing regulators, and so much more. Call the office for pricing.

convenient products & services


Level pay allows customers more control over utility bills by averaging heating costs throughout the year so that they always know how much their gas bill will be. We look at your usage over the past 12 months to figure an average. Payment plans are reviewed periodically and subject to modification based on usage and price changes.


Our pre-buy program is the best option for customers. This program allows you to purchase a set amount of gallons for the coming heating season at a locked in price. Pre-buy contracts are usually offered in the late summer. The locked in price protects customers from the usual spikes in propane prices during the winter months. Our pre-buy contracts must be paid for in full at the time of initiation. Call the office for more details!


EZ Pay allows customers to establish a credit or debit card on their account to be charged whenever they receive propane. No more bills in the mail to worry about! Call the office for more details on EZ Pay.

Residential Prices

200+ Gallons

ONLINE orders: $1.999/ gallon


Call in orders: $2.099/ gallon

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100 – 199 Gallons

ONLINE orders: $2.499/ gallon


Call in orders: $2.599/ gallon

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*Minimum delivery of 100 gallons required.