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New Customer

Need a new propane provider?

At Hood’s Propane, we offer several options to suit your individual needs. You can participate in our level pay program to make budgeting easy, or we can keep your credit card on file to charge whenever you receive propane. This option eliminates having to take time to sit down and write a check. We also offer propane pre-buy so that you can lock in your winter propane price before the heating season starts. Hood’s Propane is well known locally for their outstanding customer service. We would love the chance to do business with you. Please call us at 417-732-0600 to find out more about these and other convenient options.

*We only fill fill your tank when you want us to; this eliminates surprise utility bills!

*We have multiple billing options:  Level Pay, Easy Pay, and Pre-Buy. Choose whichever suits your needs!

*We offer customers the ability to create personal accounts online to order gas, make a payment, or view your account history. Manage your account from your smartphone or computer!

For Information about switching to Hood’s Propane call: 417-732-0600